At Harter Secrest & Emery LLP “commitment to diversity” is a core value. It’s an integral part of the foundation on which we work and how we conduct ourselves with clients and the community we serve. Marilyn Loden and Judy B. Rosener say it well in their book called "Workforce America!: Managing Employee Diversity as a Vital Resource:"

“Diversity: All of the similarities and differences that make people who they are. Managing diversity as an asset does not require expertise in cultural differences. Within the next decade, the demographics of the American workplace will continue to shift dramatically away from the Euro-American male majority to populations characterized by diversity and segmentation. This new plurality will include people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, lifestyles, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and physical capabilities. The philosophy of valuing diversity empowers all employees to use their skills and experience creatively. As diversity increases, open membership, shared influences, mutual respect, and candor become significant factors in effective functioning."

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