This fall, I have the pleasure of teaching a course on Information Security Policy and Law at the Rochester Institute of Technology Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences.  When I was asked to teach, I welcomed the opportunity, because the course is directed at graduate level cybersecurity students, who don’t often get exposure to the legal and regulatory side of the cybersecurity equation.

In order to keep the class lively, I have reached out to a number of experts in the field as guest speakers, including Michael Daugherty of LabMD, who has been challenging FTC enforcement under Section 5(a) of the FTC act for years, and has recently scored an important victory before the 11th Circuit.  For more background on Mike and LabMD, see the Bloomberg Business article that broke his story in 2016 here.

Mike will be joining us virtually to talk about his experience with the FTC and his ongoing battles in relation to the LabMD saga.  Mike is an energetic and engaging speaker and will provide the latest updates on his encounters with the FTC.  For more information, click here