Our Culture

Our commitment to providing high-quality client service is at the core of everything we do.  How we deliver such service is firmly rooted in our lockstep partnership model and differentiates us from other legal service providers.  Unlike most other law firms, HSE attorneys do not receive attribution credit or compensation based on staffing or individually generated revenues.  This means the most appropriately experienced and cost-effective attorneys are always assigned to each matter.  With no internal structural barriers (i.e., competition for work), we are never distracted from our sole focus—the needs of our clients.

Our philosophy fosters a multidisciplinary mindset when providing legal services.  We consider our clients’ opportunities and challenges by first understanding what they need, and then figuring out the most efficient path.  Our clients work with the right lawyer, or team of lawyers, for each specific project or issue and we never “over lawyer” when a simple and practical solution is within reach.

Our team-oriented culture naturally attracts and retains exceptional lawyers driven to serve clients, who pride themselves on responsiveness, and who have a solid understanding of the complex legal issues our clients face.  Whether it’s day-to-day counsel or high-stakes matters, we offer the sophistication and scope of a large firm practice, with the efficiency and accessibility of a small firm environment.

The well-being of all HSE attorneys is the utmost of importance to the firm. We regularly promote resources and trainings that support the mental and physical well-being of our teams. We are proud to be a pledge member of the ABA Well-Being Pledge and Campaign, the goals of which are to raise awareness, facilitate a reduction in the incidence of problematic substance-use and mental health distress, and improve the overall well-being of the profession.

ABA Well-Being Pledge