Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Firm’s billable hour requirements?

A: HSE Associates have an annual standard of 1800 billable hours on client matters.

Q: How are new Associates assigned work?

A: Prior to starting at HSE, new associates are asked to rank their practice area preferences. Upon arrival at the Firm, first year associates typically enter a practice area that matches one of their preferences and aligns with the needs of the Firm. Each practice area has its own system for assigning work to associates.

Q: Is pro bono work valued by the Firm?

A: Our Firm is deeply committed to providing pro bono service in our community. We encourage all our attorneys to render a minimum of 50 hours a year of pro bono service, and this time is treated as billable time. Additional time beyond the 50 hours may be treated as billable with the approval of the attorney’s Practice Group Leader.

Q: Is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work valued by the Firm?

A: The Firm is also committed to DEI. We strongly encourage each of our attorneys and employees to engage in the many inclusion and equity programs offered by the Firm and available in the community. Recognizing this commitment of time and effort required to work toward our inclusion and equity goals, we permit attorneys to receive billable hour credit for up to 10 hours of qualifying inclusion and equity activities to be applied to their 50-hour pro bono expectation.

Q: Does the firm support alternative work arrangements?

A: The quality of our lives both inside and outside the firm matters to us. The firm provides for alternative work arrangements, including part-time and flex-time arrangements in specific instances. Most associates working an alternative work arrangement previously worked a full-time schedule. Requests by associates to assume alternative work arrangements are decided on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the needs of the associate and the practice group.

Q: What is the firm’s partnership track?

A: Harter Secrest & Emery has a single-tier partnership model, and we regularly make new Partners from among our Senior Associates. A first-year Partner is an equity partner from day one. There is no rigid timetable for individual partnership decisions, but historically, the partnership track is approximately 9-10 years. We make every effort to keep each Senior Associate apprised of their progress towards Partnership.

Q: What makes HSE a unique and rewarding place to work?

A: HSE is a highly regarded local and national law firm; it maintains both highly sophisticated work and a collegial atmosphere where teamwork is valued. We believe it is crucial for attorneys to have access to meaningful work and client interaction at an early stage in their careers. Everyone at the firm supports your efforts to grow as a new attorney. Learn more about our professional development opportunities here.

Q: What is your hiring process for the Summer Program?

A: HSE participates in on-campus interview programs at various law schools. We also recruit at diversity job fairs and conferences, as well as HSE-sponsored consortiums. Additionally, we welcome applicants to reach out to us directly. After an initial interview, we invite candidates to meet with several HSE Attorneys for a second, more comprehensive, interview.

We hire 2L students in the late summer and early fall for the following year’s Summer Program. We also hire two 1L students in the winter via our Diversity Scholarship Program.

Interested applicants should apply online and reach out to Meghan Frederick with any questions.

Meghan Frederick
Legal Recruiter