Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the firm’s billable hour requirements?

A: Paralegals have an annual standard of 1,475 billable hours.

Q: How are paralegals assigned work?

A: Paralegals assist attorneys with high level client work. Each practice group has its own system for assigning work to paralegals.

Q: Does the firm support alternative work arrangements?

A: The quality of our lives both inside and outside the firm matters to us. The firm provides for alternative work arrangements, including part-time and flex-time arrangements. Most of the firm’s part-time or flex-time employees previously worked a full-time schedule. Requests to assume an alternative work arrangement are decided on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the needs of the firm.

Q: How is performance evaluated?

A: Paralegals are reviewed for performance in their position after six months of employment. Thereafter, performance reviews are conducted on an annual basis each October. As part of this review, paralegals prepare a self evaluation and set goals for the upcoming year. Paralegals are considered for salary adjustments each October.