Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would an employee describe the culture at HSE?

A: Sharing the common goal of incomparable client service lends itself to a collaborative culture based on teamwork and accountability. The work environment is open and supportive. Hard work is recognized.

Q: What are the opportunities for professional growth and development?

A: You have the ability to take ownership of your job and develop it in a way that highlights your skills. There are opportunities to increase your skills in different areas and create a job that is fulfilling to you. The bottom line: outstanding work does not go unnoticed.

Q: How do attorneys, paralegals and support staff work together?

A: The relationship is collaborative and professional. At HSE we recognize that every role is important, and our collective contributions lead to our success.

Q: What makes HSE a unique and rewarding place to work?

A: Everyone wants you to be successful and will support your efforts to grow professionally. Employees who flourish are those who are driven and committed to excellence in their work product.

Q: Why would I want to work at HSE?

A: HSE is a highly regarded local and national law firm and the working environment is professional and supportive.