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Is it Time to Widen the Scope of ‘Employee’ Equity Plans?

Global Equity Organization’s 23rd Annual Conference

April 27, 2022

HSE Executive Compensation Partner Christopher M. Potash will be a featured speaker at the Global Equity Organization’s 23rd Annual Conference, April 27-29, 2022 in Chicago, IL. Chris will be joined by Etienne Pujol, a partner with BerryLaw and Hannah Needle, legal director with Tapestry Compliance discussing “Is it time to widen the scope of ‘employee’ equity plans?” Click here to learn more.

Session Summary
Gig workers, consultants, self-employed workers―do they deserve an equal shot at equity compensation? Many think so. These workers are essential to the success of many companies, who face similar (if not more) issues in rewarding and retaining these workers as they do with their traditional employees. However, companies who want to include these workers in their equity programs often face legal and tax issues that do not apply to those who have ’employee’ status.

In this session, the panel of experienced practitioners will explore the hurdles that companies face in offering equity compensation to workers who don’t have ’employee’ status, focusing on the different regimes in the US, the UK, and France and explore how each of these countries is currently approaching these issues and whether there are likely to be, or should be, further changes in this area in the future.

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