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Strategy While Stressed

Empowering Ideas Webinar Series

December 8, 2020
Noon - 12:45 pm

Strategy While Stressed

Sue Piotrowski Our first conversation will feature BadFish Consulting Founder and CEO Dr. Suzanne Piotrowski. Sue is an inspiring speaker who will share ways to maintain “Strategy While Stressed”. We are in a historic time for organization life and business strategy. Leaders are being challenged to create competitive advantage under immense and dynamic organizational, team and individual stress. Join us as we explore this important adaptive leadership challenge. Discover some practical approaches for gaining strategic perspective and for moving beyond the strategic stress-zone.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Suzanne M. Piotrowski is the founder and President of BadFish Consulting. Her passion is facilitating transformative organizational change in strategy, leadership and innovation. She has over thirty years of experience partnering with leaders at all levels and with many types and sizes of organizations in the US and abroad. Her clients have been nationally and internationally recognized. Suzanne is a member of Women in Innovation, the Design Management Institute, serves on the RIT Service Organizational Leadership & Innovation Board of Advisors. She received her BA in Communication & Group Dynamics from SUNY Geneseo, graduate certification in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University; an MS Human Resource Development from Rochester Institute of Technology and her Doctor of Management from Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management. Suzanne carries many certifications including Lego Serious Play Facilitation.

Introducing HSE’s Empowering Ideas Webinar Series

We are excited to announce the HSE “Empowering Ideas” webinar series. We know that your success in your business and professional endeavors is driven by so much more than technical knowledge. We also know that sometimes it’s important to explore topics that give us something new to learn or to think about differently. These opportunities may be fun and eye-opening or may spark joy or the solution to a problem we’ve been wrestling with, or all of the above!

Our complimentary webinars will feature experts and thought leaders who will offer meaningful insights on a wide range of topics designed to empower professionals to thrive in their personal and professional lives. This webinar series is offered under the umbrella of our HSE Institute, whose mission is to inform, connect, and share.

We will present our 45-minute webinars quarterly at noon, leaving 15 minutes at the end of the hour to contemplate, take a break or explore the ideas generated by the discussion.


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