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There’s More to Hiring Foreign Nationals Than Immigration Law: Where Immigration Meets Tax and Labor

September 24, 2020
8:00 - 9:30 am

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Immigration presents employers with important benefits in terms of competing in the international economy and filing hard-to-fill jobs. In addition to meeting all the immigration requirements, employers also need to consider incidental employment and tax issues. Otherwise they are at risk of fines or other legal actions. In this presentation, we will discuss a wide range of topics to help you navigate tricky tax and employment law situations you may encounter.


  • Immigration Refresher
  • Immigration and Tax Law
    • F-1 students, OPT and post-OPT work authorization
    • F-1 student FICA exemptions and what to do if you incorrectly withheld or failed to withhold
    • Rules for taxing immigration benefits – when does employer coverage of immigration costs count as employee income
    • Rules for when employers have to cover employee-related immigration costs
    • Social security no-match letters – employer obligations – IRS, SSA and U.S. Immigration – implications for I-9 compliance
    • Hiring or refusing to hire people without social security numbers
    • Tax implications of renouncing permanent residence
    • Employing people in other countries – U.S. immigration law
    • Employing people in other countries and tax implications of “doing business” in other countries
  • Immigration and Employment Law
    • Hiring and firing foreign nationals – how do discrimination rules apply
    • Interview questions
    • H-1B rules affecting wage obligations, benching and terminations
    • Employer immigration policies
    • Reimbursement agreements
    • Whether foreign nationals are eligible for employee benefits programs like unemployment insurance and workman’s comp
    • Impossible background checks

New York State Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits1.0 Professional Practice – Transitional

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