Ex-Wegmans GC Helps Form New Harter Secrest Group

Law360 Pulse recently reported on HSE’s launch of a General Counsel Services practice that will be led by former top lawyers at supermarket chain Wegmans, Stephen R. Van Arsdale, and workforce solutions company Aleron Group, Mark J. Stuhlmiller, who recently joined the firm, and Edward J. Pelta, counsel at Harter Secrest & Emery, who was general counsel at Gleason Corp. and Alstom Signaling Inc.

“We can provide support to existing GCs when they are short-staffed, or to companies that have no general counsel,” said Stuhlmiller in the article. “The larger value proposition, I think, is that experienced general counsel like Steve and me act as trusted advisers to organizations, adding value — much like a consultant would — in the determination of when and how to best utilize outside counsel.”

HSE’s managing partner Craig S. Wittlin further credited the three lawyers as having broad experience creating practical solutions and being exceptional leaders.

Read the complete Law360 Pulse article.

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