Harter Secrest’s New Buffalo Partner-In-Charge On Outlook

Law360 Pulse recently reported that Amy Hemenway, a longtime labor and employment partner, has taken over as partner-in-charge at the HSE Buffalo office, marking the first leadership change in nearly 15 years. Hemenway aims to expand the office’s capabilities and services to meet local, regional, and national client needs. She acknowledges the guidance and support she received from her predecessor, John Horn, who will remain at the firm as the Chairman of the Inclusion and Equity Committee and highlights the collaborative and partnership-oriented culture within the Buffalo office, emphasizing a commitment to what’s best for the office and the firm’s broader goals.

When asked what her goals are for the new position, she said “We’ve had really great leadership over the last 15 years or so with our most recent partner-in-charge, John Horn. And so, my goal is to really continue building up what we as an office have already achieved by continuing to grow in terms of the number of attorneys we have and the types of services and skills that we offer, so that we can continue to meet our clients’ legal needs, whatever they may be”.

Hemenway’s expertise spans various employment-related areas, such as contracts, discrimination, wage and hour matters, and workplace investigations. She also advises clients on collective bargaining, grievance proceedings, and administrative audits. Her goals include continued growth of the number of attorneys and services offered, with a focus on emerging legal needs like privacy, data security, internal investigations, and artificial intelligence.

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