Uber Rider Calls Arbiter’s ‘Joke’ No Laughing Matter

Brian M. Feldman, partner and chair of Harter Secrest & Emery’s Government and Internal Investigations practice group, was mentioned in a recent Law360 article titled, “Uber Rider Calls Arbiter’s ‘Joke’ No Laughing Matter.”  Brian represents Spencer Meyer, the litigant in a New York federal court case that currently seeks to set aside an arbitral award for Uber, evading price-fixing claims, after the arbitrator stated, on the record —”I must say I act out of fear.  My fear is if I ruled Uber illegal, I would need security.  I wouldn’t be able to walk the streets at night.  People would be after me.”  The article describes Meyer’s reply to Uber’s argument that the arbitrator was only “joking” when he said, as quoted above, that he’d rule for Uber out of fear of popular criticism. 

To view the article on the Law360 website, click here.

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