On September 13, 2016, Governor Cuomo signaled his continued support for New York’s alcohol beverage industry by signing an amendment to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law that expands the privileges of farm brewers and farm wineries.

Effective immediately, New York farm brewers are permitted to sell wine and spirits manufactured by any New York-licensed farm winery or farm distillery for consumption on or off the premises. Similarly, New York farm wineries will be permitted to sell beer and spirits manufactured by any New York-licensed farm brewery or farm distillery for consumption on or off the premises.

Previously, if a New York farm brewery or winery desired to sell other products, it was required to obtain a second license, which could cost several thousand dollars each time it was renewed. Now, New York farm breweries and wineries will be able to offer the products of other farm producers without obtaining another license. A separate license is still required if the farm brewery or winery intends to serve products of non-farm producers, including other New York State-labelled products.

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