IRS Introduces TEOS Platform

On May 7th, the IRS introduced a new platform that will allow access to tax-exempt organizations’ public information more quickly and easily (See IRS-2018-116.) The Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) replaces the old platform, EO Select Check. On TEOS, images of Form 990 recently filed will be available for the first time.

A few other changes on the new platform include:

  • Access to more information than was previously available on EO Select Check;
  • A simplified search process that allows users to look for information across multiple files in one search;
  • Mobile friendly, allowing users to view Form 990 filings on their tablet or smartphone;
  • Favorable IRS determination letters for tax-exempt status. A limited number will be available initially, but eventually determination letters issued since January 2014 will be on the system.

TEOS will still have information that could be found using EO Select. This includes whether an organization can receive tax-deductible contributions, if it’s had its tax-exempt status revoked for failure to file the required forms for three consecutive years, and whether a small organization filed a Form 990-N (e-Postcard) with the IRS.

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