Office of Cannabis Management Holds First Board Meeting

Michael Roche


On Tuesday, October 5, the Office of Cannabis Management held its first board meeting.

The board considered and appointed Mr. Jason Starr to the role of Chief Equity Officer.  Mr. Starr currently serves as the Director of Litigation with the Human Rights Campaign. In his role as the Chief Equity Officer, Mr. Starr will assist with the development and implementation of the social and economic equity plan required under the Cannabis Law.

The board also began building its staff by appointing 21 individuals to senior positions and transferring others from the Department of Health in connection with the transfer of the medical cannabis and CBD programs from the Department of Health. With staff in place, the Office of Cannabis Management can begin developing the regulations that will govern the production and sale of cannabis in New York State.

Additionally, the board approved a change to the medical cannabis program that will allow medical dispensaries to supply cannabis in flower form to patients.

The meeting was recorded and is available at the Office of Cannabis Management’s website (

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