Title IX and Enough is Enough Advice and Counsel 

HSE attorneys have:

  • counseled higher education institutions, their decision-makers, and employers regarding Title IX and discrimination investigations and compliance, including those at the highest level of organizations, for decades;
  • conducted more than 30 on-campus, Title IX fact investigations over the past six years; and
  • advised sexual misconduct hearing boards, decision-makers, and appeals panels in connection with more than 75 hearings/appeals over the past five years.

We have deep experience in every aspect of Title IX and Enough is Enough compliance, training, outreach, and programming, including:

  • Building internal and external relationships with on-campus and off-campus individuals and offices committed to combatting sexual violence, including off-campus law enforcement, SANE nurses, and rape crisis counselors
  • Conducting training
    • For faculty, administrators, staff, and students (including student-athletes)— policy compliance, reporting, supports, and resources
    • For Title IX teams and campus administrators—the full range of Title IX and Enough is Enough legal obligations
    • For internal and external investigators—conducting legally-compliant investigations
  • Developing resource guides and related materials associated with confidential and non-confidential supports and resources available on- and off-campus
  • Developing Title IX- and Enough is Enough-compliant policies and procedures
  • Facilitating campus discussions with faculty, staff, and students regarding community values and their reflection in institutional policies
  • Guiding students and parents through the investigation and complaint resolution process
  • Overseeing the Title IX and Enough is Enough investigation process
  • Presenting at parent orientation and alumni sessions regarding Title IX
  • Serving as a resource to working groups of faculty, staff, and students studying and making recommendations regarding policies and protocols
  • Selecting and administering a sexual assault campus climate survey

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